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Excerpt: As part of Re-Up Gang, you had critical acclaim for appearing on the three highly regarded Got It 4 Cheap mixtapes. Why did you decide to walk away?

Sandman: Man, I left because I truly felt in my heart that everything the Re-Up Gang as a four-man group worked for was getting ready to start, then how could I put it? …I saw The Clipse get money and take it all to themselves—one way or another. Like, we promoted a single called “20K Money Making Brothers on the Corner,” remember that? That was supposed to be our single on the Koch album. All of the sudden, “Fast Life” came out and that was our one shot [at a mainstream look]… It was already told to the world that the Re-Up Gang album was coming first on Columbia. This shit is in publications and websites, but then I hear the Clipse was releasing an album [first]. In my mind I’m thinking that’s a conflict of interest. How could Re-Up drop on Columbia and then three months later the Clipse drop? It’s don’t make sense.

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December 9, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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